Waxing Lyrical 1 and Waxing Lyrical 2





“Waxing Lyrical #1 – The Mandala” – Unleash your creativity and discover the secrets of crafting stunning mandalas with encaustic techniques. This book is a treasure trove of inspiration, filled with step-by-step guides, expert tips, and beautiful illustrations.

“Waxing Lyrical #2 – The Stylus Pro” – Take your encaustic art to the next level! Explore a range of captivating projects that you can try with your Encaustic Art Stylus Pro. This book is perfect for artists of all levels, offering easy-to-follow instructions and innovative ideas.

These must-have guides by renowned artist and author Nick Ward are perfect for both beginners and seasoned encaustic artists. Enhance your skills, learn new techniques, and embark on an artistic journey like never before!

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