Hot Air Gun – Steinel (last one)


Hot Air Gun Steinel (last one!)

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Hot Air Gun + 9mm reduction nozzle – ideal for encaustic – variable temperature – 2 air speeds (plus cold flow)
(9mm reduction nozzle included – giving the option for more controlled spread & directional control of airflow)
. This hot air gun has a temperature dial so you can determine the exact output temperature you wish to use – very easy to adjust. It also has three settings on the activation switch – cold air flow, low air flow and full force air flow. These make it easier to find a way of setting up the hot air gun to be suitable for many types of use with wax in many types of encaustic process.

This is a powerful heat gun with variable temperature and electronic thermo-couple control for flexible use and maximum reliability. Heated by the exclusive DuraTherm™ heating element, which ensures long life and even heat.

Power 230 Volt – 2000 Watts (UK 3 pin plug)
Temperature 49deg C – 593 deg Celcius (120 deg F – 1100 deg F)
Airflow 3.6 / 10.6 / 17.6 cfm
3 Stage Switch
1 Cool air stage ambient temp @ 3.6 cfm
2 Variable temperature 10.6 cfm
3 Variable temperature 17.6 cfm

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