Encaustic Art Brush Head Tip (Stylus Pro)


99530610 Encaustic Art Wire Brush Tip

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The wire brush tip is a collection of crimped braided wire that behaves like a brush or marker pen. It is great for painting and covering areas with molten wax colour. Bunches of the wires can be bent aside to create thinner brush forms. To avoid crumpling the fine wires too much try resting the heel of the metal stem against the wax so that the melting wax floods down onto the fibers. It is threaded to fit the encaustic art Stylus Pro wax graphics tool, and accompanies that tool when purchased, as one of the standard tips. Ideal for filling areas of encaustic colour, for blending wax colours, for painting in shapes, texturing and dappling the waxes too.

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Weight .16 g
Dimensions .115 × .73 × .25 mm