Encaustic Art Wax Acrylic Sealer 150ml


99536001 Wax Acrylic Sealer 150ml

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Wax Acrylic Sealer Approx contents 150ml
*Note: for UK delivery only
– due to international carrier restrictions we are unable to send the LIQUID wax sealer outside the UK.

Use this sealer as a protective coating to any waxart. It keeps the wax colours looking fresh & bright & gives tough (acrylic) protection to the delicate wax surface.

Apply sealer to carefully polished waxart – Dabbing the sealer on with a cloth pad will give a much finer result than brushing on. Make a ball of cloth in your hand or use a piece of cloth (fine like old tee shirt material) with some padding inside – tissues or more cloth. Then put sealer onto the pad (just a bit) and roughly spread this all over your polished wax artwork. Then dab the ball / pad of cloth on and off like soft bouncing so that all parts have been ‘bounced on’!
The result is a soft and evenly spread coating of sealer – this is a more economic method too.
* Recommended for Greetings Cards but not really advisable for fine art as it is an acrylic and also makes later change or addition to the encaustic wax artwork difficult.

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