Encaustic Art Star Fun Tip


99530840 Encaustic Art Star Fun Tip

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The Star Fun Tip is one of the favorites – everyone likes stars! As with the other fun tips you cans easily make patterns in the wax artwork. Add a number of stars into your skies for fantasy heavens. And as with any of the other tips, decorate your wax images, add encaustic art borders, create mandalas or kaleidoscopic images. It is threaded to fit the encaustic art Stylus Pro wax graphics tool. All the five available fun tip shapes are great for patterns and messages, highlights or emphasis. This star shape is a very popular icon in wax.

* Note that this tip can fit into the older single heat stylus that uses a side screw to secure the tip. Larger tips take longer to heat up in the older stylus.

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Weight 17 g
Dimensions 115 × 73 × 22 mm