Encaustic Art Heatproof Tape


99537050 Heatproof Tape

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Heatproof Tape is 19mm wide and comes on a 50 meter roll. It is fantastic for sticking your painting card down onto the hotplate surface, or for use with hot air work too. The tape adhesive is manufactured to withstand the low temperature use associated with molten wax working. If applied carefully along the card edge it will peel off at the end of your working to reveal a clean white border which can look very nice. The adhesive remains tacky but does not leave the same type of sticky residue behind that normal tapes will. It can be reused if it is clean enough on the top face and so long as it is removed carefully from the last working situation. Brilliant stuff and well worth getting.

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Weight 15 g
Dimensions 110 × 20 mm