Encaustic Art Fabric Sealer 150ml


99536150 Fabric Sealer 150ml

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Fabric Sealer Approx contents 150ml
*Note: for UK delivery only
– due to international carrier restrictions we are unable to send the LIQUID wax sealer outside the UK.

Use this fabric sealer on material that you wish to print wax onto. It will help retain stronger colours in the wax when the items are washed.

  • For best results use a natural fiber material like cotton because it absorb and retains the wax better than man-made materials – a reasonable good quality tee-shirt type fabric.
  • Apply fabric sealer on the back of the area of your material where you intend to print your wax image and allow to dry.
  • Create and print the wax image onto the front of your fabric material above over sealed area (after the fabric sealer has dried).
  • Apply a coating of fabric sealer over the front surface of the printed wax image and allow to dry.
  • Only wash at 40C cycle. The sealed will still remain a bit stiffer than the surrounding natural fabric, but the colours will be much better retained than without sealer (so long as you follow the application method just described above).

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Weight 550 g
Dimensions 130 × 50 × 50 mm