Encaustic Art – BASICS Book (80pg x A4)


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Encaustic Art – Basics Book
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A fantastic introduction to working with the iron and wax block colours onto card – Encaustic Art THE ORIGINAL. Ideal for complete beginners and those who have already done some of the basic encaustic art work. Lots of creative ideas and developing techniques with hundreds of step by step photo modules. Easy to read, easy to follow, easy to learn. And if you want to see these numerous techniques being demonstrated on film why not get the accompanying DVD twin set which will give you more than 4 hours of live video action. Read, understand, watch learn, become more skilled and more capable of evolving your own unique creations with at least some greater control.

FULL COLOUR 80 page book 297mm (11.75″) x 210mm(8.5″)

Michael Bossom on Encaustic Art

  • Starting : What you need
  • Layout of work area
  • First go
  • Understanding colour
  • Two colour mix (harmonic)
  • Some pattern types
  • Multicolour wax application
  • Creating borders
  • Iron hotplate mode
  • Iron-hotplate ideas
  • Marquetry cards
  • Marquetry cards evolving
  • Creative cards unfolding
  • Aperture cards and circular cuts
  • Die-cutting for cards
  • Die-cutting creativity
  • Landscape structure
  • First landscape
  • Landscape Faults
  • Full iron landscape
  • The four horizon shapes
  • Printing wax onto fabric
  • Fabric work examples
  • Tissue work with wax
  • Tissue work ideas
  • Wax and Doilies (doyleys)
  • Rubber stamping
  • Polymer stamping (clear)
  • Encaustic stamping ideas
  • Fantasy castles in wax
  • Fantasy visions
  • Fantasy imaginations and ideas
  • Stylus for graphics
  • Colouring-over beginnings
  • Developing colouring-over
  • Colouring-over evolutions
  • Looking ahead
  • Final thoughts
  • Companion DVD twin disk set

Learn the BASICS of Encaustic Art using an iron with wax blocks.

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