Encaustic Art A2+ Ultimate Hotplate


99530300 Encaustic Art A2+ Hotplate

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The Ultimate Hotplate Control at an A2 size. This is the high quality heat controllable tool that opens a whole new world for Encaustic Art. Great for any direct work (card, photos, encausticbord, etc) and as a mixing palette for colours.
Hotplate user introduction – printable PDF

Weight : 7200 grams
Size : 720 x 432 x 57mm
Working area 600 x 400 maximum – a bit cooler around the logo area.
Material : Glass Surface – metal & plastic body – great quality
Temperature : 00 – 87°C

Note: It is suitable for all direct surface work and as an excellent mixing palette and for shallow flat based metal tin palettes – good base surface contact of tins is essential.  Top temperature is around 87 to 90 Celsius. This hotplate is NOT designed to heat tins containing more than 1/2 to 1 cm of resin type waxes (higher melt point than encaustic art blocks). Extractor fans used with resin wax can also reduce the effective heat of the hotplate.

If you are outside the UK please check this list of importers BEFORE ordering. This product is 220/240volts and is only supplied within the European Continent. For other areas please contact your local importer. It is desirable that you order from your local importer for safe and cheaper shipping – thanks

Electric Hotplate - perfect for surface encaustic work

Learn how to begin on the Electric Hotplate

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Weight 8000 g

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