Brian Nelson of Encaustic Art at craftstore hochanda.How my love for Encaustic Art Started

Encaustic Artist, Brian Nelson based in South Yorkshire began painting as a hobby following an unexpected life changing event. It was an event that also resulted in the loss of his award-winning floristry business based in South Yorkshire.

The recovery was a long and difficult period.  After meeting Michael and Shona Bossom Founders of Encaustic Art Brian was inspired.  He began to spend many hours painting with molten wax using the A2 Electric Hotplate  

Brian says that Encaustic Art presents itself as a powerful therapeutic hobby.  It is an art form that has no time limits.  It can take as little as 2 miniutes, or as long you wish to compete a peice of artwork.

Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson was born with a rare form of Arthiritis. As Brian painted, he realised that there was a need in the Encaustic Art community.  A need to make the art form accessible for people with any abilities.

Fullfilling his Ambitions to Make Art Acessible

It was fulling this need which became the driving force behind Brian turning Encaustic Art into his full-time career. In 2009 Brian founded  Encaustic Art Plus based at Elsecar Heritage Centre. This became not only Brian’s shop, but also his studio space where he has been teaching the art form which turned his life back around ever since.

Brian has witnessed Encaustic Art changing around many lives since he started teaching it in 2009.  He has seen the art form breaking down many barriers in the lives of many of his students.  He regularly sees impressive self-confidence boosts from his students, both in thier artistic abilities and their artwork.  His students have told him that they have broken down the barriers of social isolation due to becoming one of his students and working on a regular basis from Brian’s workshop at Elsecar Heritage Centre.

One Small Step for Encaustic Art, One Giant Leap for Brian

Brian Nelson of Encaustic Art UK with Michael and Shona BossomNow retired from supplying Encaustic Art across the UK,  Michael and Shona Bossom have left the role of providing the UK with encaustic art supplies in the very capable hands of Encaustic Art UK. Encaustic Art UK is owned by Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson also founder and owner of Encaustic Art Plus.

In his own admission, Brian Nelson owner of Encaustic Art UK says. “Following Michael Bossom, one has some very big shoes to fill. Nevertheless, exciting times are ahead”.

As a result of the hand over, Encaustic Art UK is the only importer of Encaustic Art tools and materials in the UK.

Supplies for Non-UK customers can be found on the ‘Encaustic Art Original’ website.