A New Era for UK Encaustic Art Supplies UK

Brian Nelson of Encaustic Art UK with Michael and Shona Bossom

Now retired from supplying Encaustic Art across the UK,  Michael and Shona Bossom have left the role of providing the UK with encaustic art supplies in the very capable hands of Encaustic Art UK. Encaustic Art UK is owned by Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson also founder and owner of Encaustic Art Plus.

In his own admission, Brian Nelson owner of Encaustic Art UK says. “Following Michael Bossom, one has some very big shoes to fill. Nevertheless, exciting times are ahead”.

As a result of the hand over, Encaustic Art UK is the only importer of Encaustic Art tools and materials in the UK.   Please note!  Encaustic Art UK only delivers within the UK! Supplies for Non-UK customers can be found on the ‘Encaustic Art Original’ website.

Over the past 13 years Brian Nelson has taught Encaustic Art in many different environments.  Community centres, WI groups, Art groups, Charities and  Churches, NHS Wards, day centres, mental health hospitals,  to name but a few.  Brian says that numerous ideas and projects are already in the pipeline to take Encaustic Art further afield into new territories.

Basic Teaching and Demonstrations Available

Brian has has also been busy with his media experts creating videos which are available free of charge.  These can be found on this website in the videos section and also YouTube Channel Encaustic Art Videos.   Each video is either a basic tutorial where Brian teaches techniques step by step. Or it is in the form of a demonstration, where Brian creates artwork for you to watch unfolding in front of your eyes.

What Is Encaustic Art

UK Encaustic Art Supplies

Encaustic Art, a process of melting coloured beeswax blocks and making marks and patterns, both realistic and fantasy in nature to produce artwork in a very short time.   To heat the wax, a variety of tools are used including the Encaustic Painting Iron, the Encaustic Art Stylus Pro, and the Encaustic Art Compact Hotplate.

Wax painting, or to use its grander title, Encaustic Art, is a simple technique.  Giving great results in minutes and unlike many crafts, it really is as easy as it looks!  There are just a few basic techniques to master before you start to produce your own quite spectacular results.

Wax painting isn’t as modern as it may appear. In fact, the Mummy portraits of Roman Egypt are the earliest examples of encaustic painting known to us. The oldest of them dating from 30-40 AD, the latest from about 300 AD.

Michael and Shona Bossom Not Retiring from the Encaustic Art Community

In the early days of modern Encaustic Art, Michael Bossom experimented with the art form.  He continued experimenting and as a result developing many of the tools and much of the equipment now available.  He has also written several books on the subject and produced DVDs! Although retired from UK Encaustic Art supplies, Michael and Shona are not leaving the Encaustic Art Community!  They are putting all efforts and focus of Encaustic.com into Michael’s world-renowned delivery of teaching. Michael says he is especially keen to continue his connections with Encaustic House UK . This he hopes will provide new opportunites for the delivery of his teaching.  Michael is also excited to make available here at Encaustic Art UK.