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Shop online with with us, we are the home of Encaustic Art in the UK and have the largest selection of Encaustic Art Supplies in the country.  If it’s heated tools, we have you covered, non-heated tools or materials, we’ve got you covered there too!

if you have any queries or difficulties please do not hesitate to call us on 07824813003 and you will always be answered by non other than Brian Nelson owner of Encaustic Art UK.

Who Are We

Encaustic Art UK is owned by Encaustic Artist Brian Nelson, also founder and owner of Encaustic Art Plus. We are the only importer of Encaustic Art Supplies, tools and materials in the UK.

The goal of encaustic art uk is to make art acessible to everybody of all ages and abilities. It is for this reason that we take our unique style of art and tools that we use to create Encaustic Art as far an wide as it is possible. Community centres, WI groups, Art groups, Charities and  Churches, NHS Wards, day centres, mental health hospitals.

We don’t stop there though, we also travel around the United Kingdom to many of the Art & Craft Fairs, Agrictulture & Game fairs and Holdiay Festivals with our Encaustic Art supplies trade stall   (Yes, we can even make art accessible to all in the middle of a field!).

We also have a shop at Elsecar Heritage Centre Feel free to pop in if your’e in the area we will always be more than happy to demo any of the products to you and let you have a go before you commit to buying anything.

What Is Encaustic Art

Encaustic Art is an ancient craft dating right back to the Ancient Egyptions. Today we use a more modern method of melting wax and making marks and patterns with it to create artwork. Using Modern methods we can create artwork, both realistic and fantasy in nature in a very short time using blocks of Bees Wax with coloured pigments.  No less than 48 different colours!

The tools we use to heat the wax blocks today are of course much more modern than those that the Ancient Egyptions used.  Today we use three main heating tools, these are the Encaustic Art Painting Iron, the Encaustic Art Stylus Pro (Graphics tool) and the Encaustic Art Compact Hotplate.  

Each tool has its own unique properties providing three very different methods of melting wax, each producing unique stunning and extremely saticfying results in no time at all.

If you do plan to travel any distance to visit the shop at Elsecar Heritage Centre, please be sure to phone us first on 07824813003 to make sure we’re not out teaching, or at any events.

Encaustic Art Heated Tools

With the Encaustic Painting Iron and the Encaustic Art Stylus (Graphic Tool) amaze yourself with the potential.   If you add the Compact Hotplate to the mix then you can really start creating all sorts of patterns and textures using our non-heated tools. (see store!)

Encaustic Art Painting Iron

The Encaustic Art Painting Iron, whilst strikingly similar in looks, very different than a travel iron.  It has a smooth base with no holes in it, and a high quality temperature control that gives you a stable low temperature control and ultimate precision whilst working with molten wax!  The iron also packs flat so it can be used inverted as a Mini hotplate.

You will need a Painting Iron to be able to use the Compact Hotplate.

Encaustic Art Stylus Pro Graphics Tool

This Stylus Pro is a heated graphics tool will enable detailed drawing abilities as you work with the wax colours. It works as a pen, a brush and mark making tool.  Typical uses for the Encaustic Art Stylus are intricate borders, and outlines around patterns created earlier by the Encaustic Painting Iron.

The threaded tip fixing system offers quick tip changes and allows many tip and head types to be used. Check out the tips and heads available in the store.

Encaustic Art Compact Hotplate

Small and ingenious, the compact hotplate allows you to work directly on it’s surface with a card or lightweight board.

It can be used as a palette for melting and mixing colours, or you can swipe card through molten wax colours to create stunning effects. This compact hotplate is a brilliant addition to your encaustic art tool collection and is the ideal tool to be used with many of our non-heated encaustic art tools (see store!)

Encaustic Art Starter Sets

Our three Encaustic Art Starter sets provide you with three Encaustic Art Gift packs ranging in price and skill levels.  If you have any queries about our Starter Sets, please do not hesitate to contact Brian at

Encaustic Art Starter Set

This ideal STARTER SET in GIFT BOX contains all you need to begin. The Encaustic Art Painting Iron, 16 wax block colours, A6 and A5 white painting cards, a metal scribing tool and a short multi-lingual guide (English, French, German, Dutch & Spanish).

Once you get this you are all set to start your Encaustic Art journey.

Encaustic Art Starter Set Plus

The STARTER SET PLUS contains the Starter Set in a gift box and also has a tutorial comprising of a 80 Page book and 231 minutes twin DVD set.

These will teach you all the foundation skills and many potential applications of using the iron and stylus with the encaustic art wax block colours.

Encaustic Art Starter Set Studio

The STARTER STUDIO contains everything in both the Starter Set and Starter Set Plus. You also get the Stylus Pro graphics tool.

Together with the Painting Iron this will help you to move ahead and find creative adventure and satisfaction and will set you well on your way to creating your very own Encaustic Art Masterpeice.

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